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We all love news. And we all need news. And we need it everyday. But the way we get the news has changes a lot the last few years. Just a few years ago radio, TV and print newspapers was the main source of news.

Now things have changes a lot. Almost everybody get their news online. We watch them online on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, newsletters and news websites.

The most important news source seems to be news sites. We all know YouTube, Twitter and Facebook and so on, but if we want to get fresh news about something we are really interested about, we need new online news sources. We all watch many news site every day, some are good and soma er not so good. So where can you find the best news sites?

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You can spend hours online searching search engines, or you can do it the easy way: use a link directory. A link directory is a manual operated search engines where real persons have done the quality checking for you. SO when you choose a category in a directory you already know the sites there are good.

One of the biggest directories worldwide is Three Link Directory. And if you are interested in news you will find the best news sites online in the news category.

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Note that this is just the main category, there are several subcategories. Here are some of them:

There are more categories and even more subcategories, so if you are interested in news you should be able to find some really good news sources to check out.

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