Big winner at LA book festival

big winner
big winner
Randi M Sherman’s latest humor novel – BIG & Fabulous, The Life And Times of Brenda Cankles.

Big women can also be winners, a book about a big and bold women just won the LA book festival 2017.

Big & Fabulous, The Life and Times of Brenda Cankles by Randi M Sherman is not only a fun read – it also carries an important message for the Plus Size woman.

That is: Make no excuses or apologies and take a back seat to no one. Watch out world because I am fabulous just as I am.

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BIG and Fabulous was featured at the London Book Fair earlier this month and will be at the Book Expo in New York City in May. The spring edition of FabUplus magazine has a full page feature about BIG & Fabulous – and book reviews are great.

The award season has just begun and BIG & Fabulous has already been named “Winner” in the Los Angeles Book Festival.

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