New Apple hardware

February 20, 2016By ,

apple imac

Apple iMac.

Apple has announced that it will update its entire line of iMac desktops with new high-resolution Retina displays and faster hardware. The iMacs will also receive a number of other upgrades to improve user experience.

Apple also introduced three new wireless accessories: the Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, and Magic Trackpad 2.

Apple has also unveiled a new lineup of MacBooks with a new type of touchpad called Force Touch, which and allows users to click anywhere on the keyboard.

Thare is as usual lots of rumors about other new Apple innovations. Through a series of acquisitions, Apple has a rather large staff focused on experimental virtual reality and augmented reality projects. Details on Apple’s apparent VR and AR initiatives has indicated that Apple have been building prototype headsets for “several months.”

Apple also holds a number of patents covering a wide range of augmented reality applications, such as transparent displays, mobile mapping solutions and virtual display for iPhones. One interesting patent describes a function that can identify physical objects in real time using computer vision.

There are also rumors about a car being designed by Apple.

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