BookBildr revolutionizes custom picture books creation

reading books, a new self-publishing custom children’s book creation service, announces its official launch to the public. With BookBildr, every parent, grandparent, and school can easily create custom illustrated books, order bookstore-quality printed copies, or download the publication as a PDF.

BookBildr simplifies the creation of illustrated books. In the past, authors had to hire an illustrator and get professional book formatting help if they wanted to offer the book to publishers or distribute it via self-publishing platforms. With BookBildr, anyone can make a custom picture book in less than an hour. The tool provides hundreds of ready-made scalable vector illustrations, offers a broad selection of fonts, a variety of backgrounds, customizable book spine, and easy-to-make front and back covers. User can select between vertical, square, and horizontal formats and order printed copies as softcover or hardcover books.

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“Every mother tells stories to her children that are sometimes more interesting than the books sold in bookshops. BookBildr makes it possible for every mum to make an illustrated book without any previous experience in book publishing,” said Eliza Donovan, BookBildr founder and CEO. “Now all these wonderful stories can be brought to life, preserved, and even distributed – all it takes is a little creativity.”

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BookBildr can be used for much more than making picture books for children. Schools can use it to create materials for classroom and extracurricular activities, professionals can compose and print manuals, children can make their own books for school projects – the possibilities are endless.

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