Ceiling Demons new single “From The Womb To The Grave” (VIDEO)


Alternative art-rap collective Ceiling Demons share “From The Womb To The Grave,” the first single from their forthcoming album “Snakes & Ladders.”

Featuring production by George “Beat Demon” Ruston, and beats composed by the group’s guitarist, Chris Shaw, “From The Womb To The Grave” delivers poetic wordplay against a backdrop of electronic rhythms. 

This electronic exorcism into ethereal synthesised realms is accompanied by live drums and guitar to soundtrack the lyrical themes which touch on cycles of life, death and rebirth. Epitomised by the reoccurring chorus “From the womb to the grave, from the tomb to the cave” these lyrics act as a chant throughout the track. This single paints images of the power of nature, self-mastery and unity in broken times which feels fitting for the current climate in 2021.

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“From The Womb To The Grave” offers up a small taste of Ceiling Demons upcoming album ‘Snakes & Ladders.’ The album is a rich body of work that features contributions from folk songstress Zarahruth, Celtic jazz violinist Andy Lawrenson and vocals from dub/reggae pioneer Lee Scratch Perry. The eclectic variation of sounds and styles highlights Ceiling Demons gift of drifting between genres, from fragile acoustic numbers to slick electronic beats, and post-rock inspired arrangements. This collection of songs highlights the group’s growth as a band and is arguably their strongest and most unique work to date.

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