Claudia Balla releasing new EP “Fix You”


Swiss singer-songwriter Claudia Balla makes an impressive return with her stunning new country-pop EP “Fix You.”

“Fix You” delivers a strong message about the pitfalls of love and the spectrum of human emotion. The EP showcases four beautiful and profound tracks which each have their own unique charm and leave you feeling empowered.

The title track “Fix You” is an honest narration on the reality of trying to save a lost love. Though we try to avoid the pain of heartbreak, “I’m trying to fix you cause I’m not ready to miss you,” deep down we know that it cannot be fixed.

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“Broken Heart” is the leading track on the EP which sees Claudia express how we can portray ourselves in different roles in social situations and how the emotions we present can be artificial. Claudia uses her act onstage to embody this idea, all wrapped up delicately in a love story. 

Claudia’s music has captivated the hearts of many around the world with her powerful words and her new EP is no exception. She gives a voice to the consequences of love that are truly relatable.

Fix You follows on from Claudia Balla’s albums “Enough” and “Fire” which amassed her a strong following of fans and has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the European music scene.

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Talking to the listener Claudia writes: 

“Dear Listener, 

When I was a teenager, the songs I could relate to the most were the ones that felt as if they had been written about me and what I was currently going through in life. 

Like many of us at that age, I often felt lonely, excluded and misunderstood, so these songs quickly became my sanctuary, my place to hide and my sole remedy.

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Lately, I’ve been wondering, what if I could go back in time and send a message to my 14-year-old self to comfort her and make her feel strong and valuable in her fragile, turbulent and insecure reality?

A message about desperately trying to make things right that are far beyond repair. About obsessive, idolatry and unreciprocated love that gives us a false sense of meaning in life.

About believing that casually being together with someone, for the sake of doing what everyone else does, could fix everything.

And finally, about learning to stand up for ourselves.” 


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