Digital Pharmacist buying PocketRx app

health apps
health apps
Digital Pharmacist acquires PocketRx app.

Health services is going mobile so different kinds of health apps are increasingly popular. Digital Pharmacist, announced today that it has acquired PocketRx, a mobile app that allows patients to manage their prescriptions.

Over three hundred pharmacy brands including multi-store locations such as Denver Health Pharmacy, USave Pharmacy and Owen’s Healthcare use the PocketRx app.

The acquisition helps Digital Pharmacist accelerate its product development schedule, the company now powers digital and communication products for over 6,000 pharmacies nationwide.

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“By combining the very best features of the PocketRx app with our existing content-rich product suite, we are able to offer patients the easiest, most integrated tools to manage their medications. Our products are fully integrated into the pharmacy workflow,” said Chris Loughlin, chief executive officer of Digital Pharmacist Inc.

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