Is God Still Great or is it Over?

God is great on iTunes.

If you listen to the marvelously morbid media, you will either believe God has been demoted to the squad of the powerless or He has been unceremoniously fired from Earth. Alma Rivera and other “impacting with intensity” Christians are refusing to let the immense greatness of God die a homeless death.

That is why Alma a singer of expressing the deepest thoughts of God, conceived in passionate prayer, her new single, Great God. The song, Great God, co-written and serenaded by Alma, is composed of her quiet and personal conversations with her number one love and friend.

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Starting in helplessness wrapped in hopelessness and ending in a defeat shattering victory, Alma will take everyone who soaks in the lyrics to the highest peak in celebrating that God is Great. This was song was born from a longing hope and wrenching desire for the world to vividly see a “shining like a diamond” panoramic burst of a Great God’s adoration for His creation.

Great God will be released on August 1st, to a world that is divided more then the greatest canyons on this earth. While the world struggles to find ways to fill in the bottomless caverns of hate and despair. The single “Great God” unashamedly provides the absolute solution that is needed for this world, just like rain in a desert is a Great God’s over filling love to heal the most bottomless wounds.

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Alma Rivera delivers her expression of God’s insurmountable love, in the single Great God. The song dissects and illuminates the personality of God as, Great Redeemer, Great Conqueror, Great Healer, Great Savior. and Great Love.

On August 1st, you can go on iTunes and purchase this song not just for yourself, but for anyone who needs the hurt quenching rain of God’s love to permeate the deepest closets of their soul.

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