Happy Holidata!

Cambridge Analytica is crunching numbers this Christmas.

In which state are you most likely to receive an expensive gift? Where should you spend the holidays if you’re looking for winter romance? Which part of the country sees the biggest baby boom in December?

Cambridge Analytica has a database of demographic, consumer, lifestyle and psychographic data on over 220 million Americans and today launched a website that shows what the holidays have in store for you.

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Maryland tops the charts for people on six figures, so holiday spending could be big. Next door in DC you’ll find the highest number of extraverted singles, and December brings a birth rate spike for Texas.

“Our Holidata provides an excellent example of Cambridge Analytica’s ability to hone in on key consumer trends that marketers can leverage for their own business objectives,” said Alexander Nix, CEO of Cambridge Analytica. “With up to 5,000 data points on every individual in our database, we provide unparallelled insights into American consumers and holiday shoppers.”

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Cambridge Analytica’s methodology helps businesses identify the individuals most likely to engage with a product, craft the right message and pinpoint the best channel through which to deliver that message. It has been used across business sectors, from a global magazine searching for new subscribers, to a restaurant group looking to tailor its menus to individual customers.

To view Cambridge Analytica’s full Holidata map, please visit: https://holidata.cambridgeanalytica.org.

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