How to spend your vacation in Lofoten

fisherman cabin lofoten

Lofoten is located in the northern part of Norway in Scandinavia. Lofoten is famous for fantastic nature and fishing. Here is the complete travel guide for tourists visiting Lofoten.

1. Weather in Lofoten
Lofoten is not going to an easy option when it comes t travelling and getting around. As you are not supposed to sit in the hotel all the day so knowing about weather is important. The weather can be intense in Lofoten and it can turn ever worse any time. But it can also change just after ten minutes. In other words, Lofoten has an unpredictable weather that you should be careful about. Take all the warm clothes, jackets in order to stay safe.

2. Reaching Lofoten
You have multiple options reach Lofoten; by air, by bus, by ferry or by car. But the by air option is suitable for the people coming from far off areas. Tourists from nearby areas can also use a ferry or bus to reach Lofoten. However, when you book air tickets, take care. Choose a service that is offering discounts so that you can save some money to spend on other things. Booking in advance is a good option otherwise due to peak seasons you may end up with no tickets at all.

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3. Staying in Lofoten
When it comes to stay in Lofoten, there are many options. 4-5 small villages near the Lofoten island are good for living. They have restaurants and hotels that can be a good choice for the tourists. Moreover, rorbuer – also known as fishermen cabins – are common in Lofoten. These are small cabins near the natural lakes, and other beautiful places. They are more affordable. If you have friends, this is the perfect option for stay and enjoying the night with other people.

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4. Eating in Lofoten
In Lofoten island, you will see a lot of fish and its smell as well. If you love fish, this is going to be great. A lot of restaurants have special fish dishes that are awesome. Moreover, there are a good number of small and big hotels and restaurants that make other dishes as well. You can visit the hotels, check their menus and see if you can have something healthy. Take care of your food as we don’t want you to get sick in Lofoten island.

5. Getting around in Lofoten
There are many options when it comes to getting around in Lofoten. But the tourists who have been there suggested that it is better to take a car. If you have a car, you must get around and visit places in the car. Fish smell is sometimes nasty. Weather can be intense anytime so the car will be a perfect option. You will be able to get around and see many places.

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6. Things to do in Lofoten
There are some good places and things to see and do in Lofoten island. Below is the list of some that you should do and try.

• Lofoten War Museum that can be a great choice
• Haukland Beach perfect for people who love beaches
• Fishing Village Museum is another nice option to spend time
• Hov Gard is a natural park in the Island that everyone should visit
• Apart from this, take a guide who will help you know about the places and explore beauty in Lofoten island.

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