Kokilico launches storybook app

New education app for kids released.

Prenatal education company Kokilico announced it launched a storybook app called “1Day1Book.” It contains stories in Korean and English. Kokilico said 1Day1Book contains about 200 stories for prenatal education that are also translated into English, in hopes of reaching users outside Korea as well.

1Day1Book is a smart app that is made for parents who want prenatal education to their unborn children but don’t like buying books, for they have a short life.

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The app consists of a program that is designed to have the parents read 180 books for six months, from four-month to last month of pregnancy. By downloading the app, the users can read 30 books for as low as 9,900 KRW per month. The unborn children will be able to listen to different stories every time the parents read for them.

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There is a wide variety of categories of books available, such as Korean tales, foreign tales, nature, cognition, and fables. Around 300 books from well-known publishers like Applebee Publishing, Jakkajungsin, Kinderland, and Namusun are registered in the app, helping the children to develop creativity, emotions, and EQ.

It also can record the voice as it is playing. It is a unique technology from Kokilico that is patented. This helps the mother and child build a special bond and help develop social skills.

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Kim Yong-hwan, the CEO of Kokilico, said, “We are going to introduce 1Day1Book in Beijing International Book Fair this year to meet the local people there and are expecting to receive great reviews from the Chinese market.”

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