National Geographic launches new podcast series


National Geographic is launching a new podcast series, “Overheard at National Geographic.” This short-form, fact-based show will give listeners the inside scoop at the incredible world covered by National Geographic by tapping into the unique knowledge of its many contributors.

Hosted by the charismatic Vaughn Wallace, National Geographic senior photo editor, each episode will last approximately 15 to 20 minutes, and an eight-episode, eight-week season is to begin June 11, releasing every Tuesday. Each episode will offer listeners the chance to get swept up in their own curiosity and to enter a world of wondrous happenings — remarkable, surprising and utterly amazing.

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“As a kid growing up in Washington, D.C., I used to dream about what it was like to work at National Geographic, a place teeming with real-life adventurers, photographers and scientists — and I know I’m not the only one,” said Wallace. “With ‘Overheard,’ we’ve created a way for listeners to join the distinct, awesome conversation that could only happen right here. It’s super exciting to let audiences around the world peer behind the curtain and eavesdrop within the walls of National Geographic.”

“At National Geographic, experiential storytelling is really the common denominator of everything we create and share with our audiences,” said Whitney Johnson, vice president of immersive experiences at National Geographic. “For decades, our photography and journalism have transported audiences to the farthest reaches of the world, and now, through the condensed, audio format, we’re taking listeners even further.”

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“With ‘Overheard’ we hope to illustrate how a brand like ours can enter a space where audio is king and make the format not just work for our audiences, but engage them in an entirely new and imaginative form of storytelling that helps them better understand their world,” said Johnson.

The first season kicks off June 11 with the release of “Humpback Whale Song of the Summer,” which explores the “culture” of the Western Pacific humpback whale and how these creatures create their “song of the year.” Other episodes in the first season cover subjects ranging from the art and evolution of children’s lying to scuba diving in a pyramid in Sudan.

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The first episode of “Overheard at National Geographic,” sponsored by Viking, will be available on Apple, Google, Tune In, iHeart, Spotify and Stitcher. For more information on the podcast and to dive in deeper, visit

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