New book offers deeper understanding of the Bible


“Vast numbers of people respect the Bible, but they long to understand it better,” points out blogger Mel Lawrenz. “That includes people who have read the Bible for many years and those who have been hesitant even to try.

Here is great news: The Bible, written by many authors over many years, and believed to be the word of God by billions of people, is God talking to the human race. And God wants to be understood.” He presents the Bible as the words of a Creator who loves us too much to leave us in silence.

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Pastor and author Martin E. Ives is equally as passionate about helping people understand the Bible. He says, “The Bible is readily understandable and needs to be read as a book from cover to cover, ideally each year for life.” He equips readers to do this in his new book Born in God’s Love. Ives refers to the Bible as “the Book” and sets out to show the clarity, simplicity, and continuity of God’s message and plan of love. “God created people for the purpose of loving them,” he explains.

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Born in God’s Love helps the curious to understand and embrace the Bible message and the believer to be thrilled by it in a deeper way. Ives presents the Bible as God’s “answering service,” using conversational language with a touch of apologetics, taking readers from Genesis to Revelation and equipping them to understand God’s message of love, which began on day one. Ives hopes that people from other faiths will read and accept the message of his book as well.

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He especially hopes that readers will end each day of study saying, “Thank you, God, for including me as your treasured possession on your magnificent ring of love.” 

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