New USB docking station: the Q-HUB

The Q-HUB.

PowerTrend-SOTA announces the launch of its new Q-HUB USB Type-C portable docking station to the market, alleviating the inconvenience and confusion surrounding the USB Type-C interface.

The Q-HUB allows PC and Mac users to connect, charge, and transfer data from up to 3 of their USB peripherals that use Type-A and Type-C connectors and simultaneously display to external monitors through the HDMI port at 4K resolution, while distributing up to 65 watts of power.

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This one device can not only save consumers money by eliminating the need to replace devices that use Type-A USB connectors, but it also delivers the data on those devices at 3.1 speeds through its convenient built-in Type-C cable.

PowerTrend-SOTA’s Q-HUB is will be available for $100 at leading retailers, Factory Outlet, and

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