Sa-Roc new single “Deliverance” out now (VIDEO)


Sa-Roc—the emcee heralded by OkayPlayer as “one of the most formidable microphone mavens in the game”—drops “Deliverance” and announces October 2 as the release date for her long-awaited Rhymesayers Entertainment debut album “The Sharecropper’s Daughter”. 

Since signing to the independent powerhouse, Sa-Roc has released a steady stream of singles, including “Forever” (with over 4 million views), “Goddess Gang,” and “Hand of God.” For “Deliverance,” she tapped label mate Evidence to produce the track and direct the bold, visually striking music video.

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“If you want protest music for the uprising of the American consciousness, then look no further,” writes Abby O’Neill, describing Sa-Roc’s powerful performance on NPR’s Tiny Desk (Home) series this June. 

Indeed, Sa-Roc has spent a lifetime gracefully articulating themes that have been thrust into the center of an essential national conversation. Her forthcoming album is no exception; on it, Sa-Roc draws fearlessly from both historical context and personal experience. 

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“The Sharecropper’s Daughter speaks to my father’s actual beginnings on a Virginia tobacco farm where his family sharecropped,” reveals Sa-Roc. 

“The title is meant to signify that both my father’s and my upbringing, though so different, are linked by a shared history that informs the way I move through the world… It’s a sonic reflection of the things we inherit. About the emotional weight that we unknowingly bestow upon the next generation; the genetic transfer of both trauma and triumph that we, both donors and beneficiaries, are tasked with reshaping into a future of our own.”

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Guest features on The Sharecropper’s Daughter include Saul Williams, Styles P, Ledisi, Black Thought, and Chronixx.

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