Shem Sharples releases “It’s Your Fault” (VIDEO)

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Indie-folk artist Shem Sharples offers up a punchy treat with his gritty new single “It’s Your Fault”, taken from his upcoming album “Strange Sounds from The Wreckage”.

“It’s Your Fault” is an ode to the perils of being in love and the vulnerability of heartbreak. Shem narrates a familiar tale of self-denial and blame away from oneself, placing the fault onto the other person, “I’ve been shot and it’s your fault again,” but where does the blame truly lie?

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Shem’s lyrics offer a rare honesty, fused together with sultry guitar riffs, raw vocals and an infectious rolling beat. “It’s Your Fault” depicts a dark tale of the consequences of love as we learn that we are ultimately responsible for our own actions.

“It’s Your Fault” is the second offering from Shem’s upcoming album “Strange Sounds from the Wreckage” due to be released on September 25th.

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The whole album showcases Shem’s talent and love for using masterful lyrics to create a narrative of his surroundings and a true view of the world, Clear Crystal View is no exception.

The album unites the talent of Shem and lifetime friend and bass powerhouse Thor Brown to create a masterpiece. The pair have been playing together since 2014 and have built up a tight act which allows them to perform live as a duo and share their unique sound with fans.

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