Should you get involved with daytrading?

Trading currency, stocks and bonds is a well known way og generating income and revenue, but there is another way of doing the exact same ting, and that is daytrading.

Daytrading is buying and selling currency like dollars and euros or stocks like Apple and Facebook from one day to the next. Small increases or drops in the price adds up to a profit, or potentially a loss, and hopefully by the end of the day, or year, you have generated – or maximized – your small or medium sized investment.

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And you can do it all from your Windows PC, Mac, Android device or iPhone or iPad.

This sounds simple, however there is a little more to it. You actually have to do some research. That is, you have to find a trading platform and get good information on what currencies, stocks or bonds are about to go up or down.

Regarding trading platforms there are several to choose from, like, eToro and so on. And actually most trading platforms even provides you with both training and news about opportunities, so it is not that difficult.

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However, there are lots of other people doing the exact same thing as you – daytrading – so with higher risk there is also higher reward. And on the other side, you can also loose money.

So the best thing is actually to start small, learn and perhaps go big if you have gotten some good stock or currency indicators.

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Good luck!

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