Slye releasing new single “Into Colour” (VIDEO)

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Into colour is a bombastic indie-funk explosion fuelled with intricate guitar riffs, swirling vocals and pop melodies to create a funk classic with a modern twist. Into colour combines the infectious grooves of late 70s- early 80s funk music such as Prince, and Funkadelic with the introspective lyricism and melodies of modern indie, contemporary R&B and Alt rock.

By uniting these separate worlds of music the song breaks down traditional genres and creates art that is original and unique whilst paying respect to the greats which have inspired the sound.

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“Into Colour” is Slye’s musical expression of accepting the full palette of colours life has on offer. Channelling the eras and artists he is most enamoured by into an indie funk-pop showpiece. With 70s funk influenced instruments fused with modern melodies and production, Slye offers an inspired but unique voice into the world.

The tight verses and lush choruses showcase Slye’s lyrics which explore ideas of self-knowledge and understanding. Lyrics and melody combined, “Into Colour” pushes the conventional boundaries of pop and offers an exciting sound that adds a pop of colour into the musical landscape. Into colour explores the journey that we make through a world of monochrome where we must embrace joy and pain in order to grow and embody the rich palette of colours that life has to offer us.

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Like the music, this visual combines 60s / 70s and modern imagery with a coherent aesthetic to encapsulate everything he tries to communicate with this song. From the colours, to the dream-like sequences, it’s all intended to manifest a feeling.

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