The tech you’ll buy in 2017

Will you buy security products in 2017?

What gadgets will you buy in 2017? As the end of the year approaches, it’s the perfect time to look ahead. IFTTT, the leading applet provider in the world, has surveyed the users to find out more about who they are, the technology they use, and what might change for them in 2017.

And the results are really interesting. There are new products increasing in popularity, and even 25% are planning on spending more on services and smart devices in 2017.

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Tech products seems to be really growing in many areas of our lives. The big shift is the new kinds of technology products people are planning to buy in 2017.

Here are the top 5 new tech products IFTTT users plan to buy in 2017:

  1. Smart security device
  2. Connected lights
  3. Voice-activated assistant
  4. Smart thermostat
  5. Fitness wearable

Fitness trackers are still of interest, but it seems that as more  become comfortable with connected devices, we are more willing to bring them into our homes in a more permanent fashion. Over a third of said a smart security system was a top priority.

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