The Bartells new single “1972” out now (VIDEO)


Following the success of their debut EP “Standing on The Edge” which received airplay across the world, and standout track “Something”, Shropshire’s finest rock band The Bartells return with their punchy new single “1972”, written and recorded at Liverpool’s iconic Motor Museum during the pandemic.

The song explores the memory of a son meeting his father for the first time, and how he makes a decision that will stay with them both for the rest of their days.  From the first line ‘It was the summer 1972, when I was told that I met you,’ unravels a story of anger and heartache. Constantly asking questions without getting a reply, the song builds using call and response that develops into a full cry for answers. The melody follows the son on his quest to find out the truth as he screams “if love was the sun – was it too hot to stay.”

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Accompanied by their signature quirky post-modern sound, the vocals burst with raw and honest emotion that truly bring the song to life and leaves you hanging on every word – as we wait for an answer that is never going to come. 

The Bartells even pay reference to the King of Rock and Roll, with the line ‘that’s the wonder of you.’ The writer recalls his mother’s love for Elvis, which used to play from the wireless filling his childhood with song and reflects on the power of music in helping to heal the wounds that run deep.

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