A vegan dating app?

veg app
veg app
Veg, a vegan dating App will rescue vegan users from Tinder.

I guess it was just a matter of time. A dating app for vegans. The vegan dating app “Veg” is entering the App Store and it has been designed to get high success for the vegan dating relationships. Just like any other app, the vegan dating app allows you to meet new people and date them as well.

Moreover, you would not have to suffer from any hassle about meeting any meat eating person there. This is because it is strictly for those who are vegans and are looking for vegan dating.

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One of the main perks about the vegan dating app Veg is that it has a perfectly straightforward and easy to use design. When a person creates an account, they would have to make all their interests clear, and the app would use this information to show them profiles that match their interests.

Moreover, they would be given a list of profiles when they log in to make a match. And if they like someone, they can swipe right, and if they do not like the person, they can wipe left to the next profile.

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After profile is created, the management will review and approve each profile seriously. This doesn’t allow you to come across any fake accounts. Unlike Tinder, you can be sure that the person you are meeting is a real vegan.

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