Why western men choose asian dating online

asian girl

Did you know that “Asian dating” is the #1 regional dating request in Google? Not European dating, not American and not African or Australian dating. Asian dating is a #1 request for the last 5 years!
Moreover, if you check the search map you will notice that the largest amount of requests goes NOT from Asia itself, but from Europe and America. So, Europeans and Americans are looking to date Asians.

Due to this fact there are plenty of Asian dating sites that facilitate this process. They help preferably western men meet eastern women. They help with translation, communication. Also some of them assist with travel activities, events and meetings.

But why Western men prefer Asian women? In fact there plenty of good reasons.

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1. Natural beauty. Indeed, women / girls from Asia are extremely attractive. Most of them are in a great shape. Moreover, for some reason the aging process after 30 slows down. If you compare a 40 years old Korean or Japanese with European or American woman you will notice the difference. Of course, there are exceptions, but in most cases this is true.

2. Intelligence. Remember, if you date an asian woman it means she definitely speaks at least 2 languages. Moreover, these are totally different languages! For example Filipino girls speak both Filipino and English. And these 2 languages are not even close, like, for example, English and German. Also Asian people read and learn a lot. For instance, Japanese before-college education is at least 12 years. So most likely you will date an intelligent woman.

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3. Amazing culture. Eastern culture is very different from the Western one. It starts from their traditions, worldview and religion. Also, you’ve probably heard about beautiful asian poetry, architecture etc. When you date an asian girl you have a chance to dive into this beautiful culture.

4. Asian food. I decided to give it a separate paragraph, because I simply love an asian food. And of course I’m not the only one. Moreover, it is so much different and it is all delicious. All these Korean, Chinese and Japanese cuisines are amazing. And most likely the girl you are to date will be able to cook it for you. Do you imagine that?

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5. Special attitude towards “men” and “marriage”. Asia is mostly a patriarchal society with very low divorce rate. Asian women have a highly respectful attitude towards men. Husband is always a head of a family and it is unshakable. Therefore, the asian girl will be waiting for the initiative on your part.

6. Opportunity to travel. It is a great bonus to all the above. You can visit beautiful countries and your soulmate will be your guide.

In fact online dating is a great choice to make the 1st step towards all these benefits from dating an asian girl. Here is the list of the best Asian dating sites.

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