Why you should read your horoscope

Do you read your horoscope?

Are horoscopes a thing of the past or are they still in demand? The internet shows us that the demand for horoscopes is on the rise. So why are horoscopes so interesting and why should you read your horoscope?

Horoscopes are an ancient invention, created in the Middle East more than 3000 years b. c. the king’s advisors and wise men in the Babylonian empire looked to the stars for answers.

The change in the weather and the impact of the seasons on the harvest was well documented and they started looking at the planets and the sun and moon, visible to the naked eye, in the search for further guidance.

The wise men studied the constellations and drew up the zodiac with the 12 sun signs and thus astrology was created. The zodiac is the same zodiac we use today. At the time these first astrologers were asked to look to the stars to guide the king. He used their knowledge to decide when it was prudent to go to war. He would even use astrology to time marriages and meetings. Astrology became an integrated part of their lives.

Still today the indigenous people in parts of South America turn to astrology to plan certain events. In China and India astrology is still believed to be a science to be reckoned with, to an extent where weddings will be cancelled if the stars do not look at the date or the two liaising families favourably.

The question today is, do astrology and horoscopes have any place in our modern, western society? The well-known astrologer, Adrian Duncan, insists we still have much to learn from the stars.

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Who makes horoscopes?
The printed horoscopes you find in magazines or the paper, and even the online papers share them, are based on sun sign astrology. This means, that the particular horoscope is not made for you alone, but for the millions of people in the world, that are born under the same sun sign as you.

No matter what kind of horoscope you are interested in, the best ones are made by an astrologer. You don’t have to be a certified astrologer to create horoscopes, but you certainly need an in depth knowledge of how the different planets’ energy, including that of the sun and the moon, influences a certain sun sign.

A good astrologer also uses his intuition and empathy. He, or she, must know the human psyche well to be able to interpret how the influences of the planets may affect moods and temper in a person. He also needs to be able to interpret what impact the change in constellations of the planets have in general.

How can you use your horoscope?
Why use a horoscope, if you can use your common sense? Well the thing is, that the horoscope cannot substitute common sense nor can it predict certain events. You cannot look to the horoscope to find out whether you have met the right partner or when you are going to have children.

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The horoscope can solely be used as guidance. You, on the other hand, have the great opportunity to act on the advice you get from the horoscopes, in order to make your life move in the direction that you wish for. The advice or the guidance you find in a horoscope is based on the planet’s movements, that can bring certain things in your favor.

Sometimes it can be love or beauty, other times luck or money. Some periods in life your career is blossoming and at other times it is at a standstill. The energy that comes with the movement of the planets and their constellation has an impact on your life, and you can choose to use it or not.

A birth horoscope or a natal chart, as it may also be known as, differs from the daily or monthly horoscope. It can still provide you with insight into the energy movements that will influence you throughout your life, but it will bring something else too. A birth horoscope can provide in-depth knowledge of your inner most thoughts, fears and habits. It may even be able to tell you the reasons for your specific habits and behavioural patterns that you may not be aware of.

Diving into your natal chart can be a daunting experience, because you are served with the truth of who you really are beneath facades and good behaviour. There is no veil and nothing to soften the blow but the mere truth. Use it as therapy and move forward from where you are today. We can all improve and become better versions of ourselves, so why not start today by finding out more about yourself and what makes you tick.

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Go to Horoskoper.net and check out the best horoscopes in the business created by the brilliant astrologer and former editor of The Astrological Association of Great Britan, Adrian Duncan.

How much does a horoscope cost?
Finding horoscopes at a reasonable price is not difficult. The online options are vast and some cost next to nothing. The biggest problem you will encounter is finding the right horoscope, which may turn out to be a difficult task indeed.

With the numerous astrology sites that are available to you online, you have to make sure that you order from a site, that has an actual person and competent astrologer behind it.

Once you have decided to purchase a horoscope, use some time to look around at the various websites. If the site has no astrological content, you may wonder if it is the right place to buy a horoscope. To obtain a quality reading it will be beneficial to choose a site that combines the astrologer’s knowledge of astrology and the sale of horoscopes.

Horoscopes come in many variations and the prices vary from approximately 6 USD to 35 USD. Why not start out with learning more about yourself? Get to know astrology with yourself as the starting point – go to Horoskoper.net for more information about the best birth horoscope in the business.

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