AI text editor First Draft improves the creative writing experience

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Fiction writing fans will find a larger creative process inside the First Draft content generator with over a dozen tools designed to wake up the imagination and bolster creative thinking. The tools, operable on all PC systems from Vista to Windows 10, assist both professional writers and creative writing students by advancing a more imaginative approach to original compositions. “When First Draft is used to develop fictional works, it becomes a playground of ways to elicit creative ideas,” says Nicole, the software’s developer.

To begin with, the software automatically generates high-quality drafts for over two dozen genres including poems, short stories, skits, and comedy routines. Each draft gives writers the freedom to experiment within expected structures that take things like rhyme, rhythm, and subject matter into account. Its skit module generates short plays with stage directions and dialogue while its drama (short story) module generates flash fiction or microfiction content with dialogue. The comedy module encourages spirited and witty satirization of over 4,000 different activities as well. The software accomplishes all of these things while providing ample opportunity for individual expression.

Other writing prompts in the software provide opportunities to practice creative writing exercises. “I especially like the Live Interview feature, which interacts with the writer in a ‘chat’ style. I think that’s a terrific way to build character dialogue or work out a character’s back story,” Nicole continued. “Finishing the Sentence Starters has proven to be a fun challenge as well. There’s very little in the software, in fact, that couldn’t be utilized as a creative writing tool, especially since so much of it can be customized.” That means writers have the ability to create and take advantage of their personally-made writing tools in First Draft.

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