Apple TV Must-Haves

apple accessories
apple accessories
Apple TV essentials.

The Apple TV serves a variety of different purposes  thanks to the tvOS operating system, which is constantly improved. The fourth-generation Apple TV has its own App Store with lots of streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, HBO and CBS, and many utility apps and a wide range of special games.

And by using AirPlay with your iOS device or Mac, you can stream videos and music straight from your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac to your HDTV. The Apple TV is very versatile, but like your iPhone, the Apple TV is better with some cool accessories.

Here is a list of some very useful Apple TV must-haves:

Apple TV wall mount case

Screen cleaning kit

HD DVR for for cable and Satellite TV

According to online rumors, Apple plans on developing a TV guide that will allow users to navigate programming via the Apple TV user interface andexplore the  a single sign-in for the many services that a user may be subscribed to, such as Netflix and so on.

You can find more Apple TV essentials here.

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