Blind Butcher releasing single “Shooting Star”


For the third time, Christian Aregger and Roland Bucher prove they are true sorcerers: «Piss Me A Rain- bow», the new album by Blind Butcher, is a beguiling elixir made of phenomenal boldness and joyful mad- ness. The songs are a dripping, splattering, vibrant cocktail of playful chaos, inspired by love, science fic- tion, eyebrows and neurodermatitis…

If there is a God of style, they must be off on a break, because Blind Butcher aren’t holding back: anything works, as long as you are relaxed enough to try it. You can turn it around anyway you like, but for a band like Blind Butcher, always following their instincts also means being extremely sure-footed!

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The beat draws you in, the atmospheres electrify you: Blind Butcher know how to please their audience. And for those who think it might just be smoke and mirrors, nothing could be further from the truth: bursting with energy, the two Luzern-based musicians Christian Aregger and Roland Bucher have developed the perfect blend of mini- malistic, playful and über-danceable madness.

It was with «”Albino” in 2013 (Subversiv Records) that the duo pressed its wild mix of rock ‘n’ roll, disco, new wave, punk, country and electronic music onto vinyl for the first time. Then came «Alawalawa» (2017, Voodoo Rhythm Records), their second album, where they took things a step further, showcasing their huge skills with tongue-twisters and their ability to write instant classics (…Staubsaugerbaby» and «Hexentanzen»).

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It is now time for record number three. «Piss Me A Rainbow» (Irascible Records) was recorded with Daniel Wehrlin at the Donkey Tracks Studio in Malters (as was «Alawalawa»). The two musicians let their ideas unfold with all the freedom they deserved. And if they were to face technical problems to incorporate some of those ideas, they’d find a way to make it work. This forced them to come up with some pretty creative solutions, keeping only the most essential parts and combining them in the most imaginative of ways. Step by step, the new music by Blind Butcher took shape. And needless to say, it is suited for the stage: after seeing over a hundred shows in Europe and South Africa on their last tour, fans as well as all of those who can’t wait to become fans can look forward to the 2019/20 Piss Me A Rainbow tour.

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Blind Butcher will once again prove they create their own rules and laws – only to gradually make them disappear again before drifting into their ever so inviting madness.

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