Blu and Damu The Fudgemunk releasing new album “Ground & Water”


Since it was the title track, Damu The Fudgemunk knew that the production for “Ground and Water” would need to be something that would grab people’s attention. 

Blu had the concept for “Ground and Water” being a metaphor for beats and rhymes (the very thing their artistry is built on). No matter the style or era of hip hop you listen to, beats and rhymes are always going to exist.

Damu visualized an audience of mixed ages and backgrounds wondering how he could pay tribute to the past, embrace his core, but be progressive for 2019 and beyond…?

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He also thought about Blu and himself being from opposite US coasts, which helped craft the skeleton of the beat using themes from both regions.

Therefore, Damu got the idea to bridge the iconic sounds of both coasts. Both of them living in the USA lays down a common ground, regardless of their distance. The beat itself blends the sounds of Dr Dre’s “The Chronic” with Mobb Deep/Q-tip’s “Infamous” vibe, along few of his own recipes thrown in.

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Although he has rapped occasionally throughout his career, Damu usually shy’s away from it in favour of production. Production and music are much closer his personality and a more comfortable way of expression.

However, when he heard Blu’s verse, the energy and swing made him feel like “yeah I’m getting on this and I’m gonna enjoy it!” Blu wrote him into the song so it was an easy touchdown, and Damu said that Blu was very conceptual throughout the whole album.

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Lyrically it might sound like a showoff song on the surface, but there’s a lot of metaphors and nuggets in the rhymes. Hence, the metaphoric direction of the track/album title, “Ground and Water.”

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