Escape from Tarkov game adds new features

Photo: Battlestate Games

Despite releasing the beta nearly four years ago, Escape From Tarkov has got the hopes high of many fans and players out there with new features. The first-person shooter game from Battlestate Games with RPG elements is already one of the most realistic games available out there.

A new Escape From Tarkov update adds two quests that involve a new expansion to the Reserve map, along with a handful of bug fixes and technical improvements.

The new quests are available through Prapor after level 10, titled The Bunker – Part 1 and The Bunker – Part 2. Both parts are set in the underground bunker below Reserve.

In recent weeks and months, Battlestate Games have continued to keep the Escape from Tarkov game fresh with new content and bug fixes.

For example, BS ammo was recently added back to be gained through the barter system. You’ll have to give up two can of Hot Rod to get your hands on it.

Photo: Battlestate Games

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