Finger, Zabelka, Hegre releasing Live at Rewire 2018

Never Anything Records

Benamin Finger, Mia Zabelka and John Egre crafts hypnotic and sublime sonic landscapes, eventually drifting off into different unexplored musical territory on their upcoming album Live at Rewire 2018.

The trio performed at the Rewire festival in Hague, Netherlands on April 6th 2018. The gig was recorded by Concertzender Netherlands. John Hegre stepped in on guitar to replace James Plotkin which couldn ́t make it to the gig.

The trio creates a freeform sound that invokes the spirit of both concrete and electronic music, while incorporating both traditional and unorthodox instrumentation. Benjamin ́s heavily processed signature collages of sound are embellished by the organic and often similarly processed strings of Zabelka and Hegre, resulting in a world of audio that buzzes and drones, glitches and slithers, careening into unstable musical territories.

The album will be released on Never Anything Records on July 5th 2019.

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