FIX Music Rewards app going viral


FIX Music Rewards amasses a serious crowd around music, rewards and cutting-edge features. Now, fans can make frictionless purchases in-app with Apple Touch Pay. This addition has helped FIX continue to grow at a terrific pace, 100,000 installs a month – bringing the total to 850,000 users.

The steady growth validates FIX’s core concept; offer fans a centralized, integrated place to listen to their favorite artists and discover new ones while rewarding them with redeemable points. FIX’s features, like its reward points and leaderboards, games (Name That Tune), UGC and e-commerce are a few of the reasons the fans keep coming and stick around. FIX also offers fans first-rate concert information and other music news. Fans are rewarded, can have fun listening to their music and this is all really good for the artists too. Artists can see and tap into what works, who’s listening and how best to engage with their audience. FIX brings current, engaging and useful technology to fans and artists alike.

The FIX model is similar to TikTok’s. FIX provides an appealing, functional and winning service and improves upon that service by consistently adding the tools its users want.

FIX will amplify its fan appeal with soon to be launched in-venue point redemptions. FIX users can apply as many or as few points against a purchase as they’d like, with more points simply lowering the cash cost (they can even use a sleek slider to determine their preferred blend of points+cash). Live shows will be even better (no waiting in lines plus take advantage of earned points).

“We’ve spent a significant amount of time looking at the market and developing the best fan UX experience we can. We’ll continue to prioritize this by adding and updating feature sets which will include functions that surpass existing innovation in the space,” said Jerry Deifer, President/CEO of FIX.

FIX Music Rewards will announce artist and strategic partnerships in the coming months as it closes in on its $5 million dollar funding round.

“We’ve passed phase 1 of our product and are constantly looking to upgrade, always with the fan in mind. The product is more robust and we’re glad to see that our users are finding value in what we are offering them,” said Jerry Deifer.

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