Get legal advice on video

legal advice
legal advice
Expert Answers is seeing an unprecedented demand for their quick and inexpensive expert advice.

More and more businesses and services are moving online, and now even lawyers are offering legal advice online. You can even talk to a lawyer live on video from your Windows PC, Apple PC, Android smartphones, Apple iPhones and iPads.

In the UK, online law support providers, Expert Answers, have developed a new video service that will offer users an inexpensive, convenient and cost effective method to get help with legal queries.

The video legal advice service will mean users can talk one-to-one to qualified law experts in real time from the comfort of their own home. After submitting their questions, a member from the team of registered professionals will arrange a personal and confidential video call with the user, costing as little as £25 for a twenty-minute call.

Video calling is the latest addition from Expert Answers, which already offers market-leading telephone and web-based services that have saved users more than an estimated £2 million in legal costs since 2010.

This is truly exiting news, so what is the next new development? Court cases on live video online?

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