Make money in real estate – and still be ethical


Can you make money investing in real estate and still be ethical? Attorney and best-selling author William Bronchick explains in an eye-opening article how to make money investing in real estate while still being ethical in your practices.

– I see a lot of investors who take advantage of homeowners to make a buck. This is disappointing to me because I believe you can truly help people and make plenty of money in real estate, says Mr. Bronchick, who is a seasoned investor himself.

William Bronchick has over 25 years experience as a real estate attorney and real estate investor and has created a set of ethical guidelines for real estate investors.

– You need to think of yourself as a problem-solver and not just an investor. Don’t do any deal with a homeowner that you know is not in his or her best interests, says William Bronchick.

– The concept is quite simple – if you can make a reasonable profit and help someone out in the process, you’ll be able to make a living and sleep at night, knowing you are doing the right thing,” says Bronchick in his new article.

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