New safe online search engine for cannabis launched

Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, Google+… the list of data sharing scandals is long and filled with multi-million-dollar corporations. All of them cataloging every byte of personal data they can glean from your online presence.

All cannabis search engines we looked at use similar techniques for gathering and sharing/selling of data, but one company stands apart –

420A3 decided to forego the “traditional revenue stream” that includes sharing/selling their data. Instead believing that when it comes to the consumption of legal medical/recreational drugs, privacy is paramount to its clients and users.’s new website puts them at the forefront of Cannabis Search and Security, no competitor in the class comes close.

While does not have features that some of their seasoned competitors offer, their attention to security, detail, and search functionality are unparalleled in the industry.

You can safely search on without concern about tracking software being left on your device, or your device or personal data shared or sold.

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