Peek is launching a private livestreaming app

Peek makes live streaming personal

Peek is aiming to bring the excitement of live video to everyone with a new private livestreaming app for friends & family. Whether it’s backpacking with friends, celebrating your sister’s graduation or attending your favorite festival, Peek brings you closer to the experiences of others.

In contrast to public livestreaming services like Periscope and Meerkat, Peek centers around letting people instantly share live video with small groups of friends & family. Not only does this allow for more personal conversations to happen, but it also plugs directly into people’s existing address books for a simpler, more social experience.

“Think of it like a WhatsApp for livestreaming” said co-founder & CEO Marlon Gruss. “We want Peek to be a fun new way to share live video, making it more accessible to people who don’t like the noise and anonymity of equivalent public livestreaming apps”.

Peek lets you become the broadcaster you want to be, with emoji support, voice snippets, live chat, instant replays and other ways to effortlessly interact among friends & family. In the future, Peek also plans to support paid classes and workshops streamed directly to your target audience and at a time of your choosing, for example a Yoga workout or a foodie class.

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