Prefab homes and smart living


Modular living is becoming modern again after originally being a post-war temporary accommodation solution, prefab homes are increasingly popular as architects and home owners are looking for smarter ways to build and live.

Prefabricated homes have lots of great selling points. They’re cost-efficient, fast to build and environment friendly. And many of the prefab homes are very stylish, having a sleek and contemporary look and offering the owner control over features.

As demand for new residential and commercial structures grows, modular, pre-fabricated buildings manufactured “off-site” could have a big role to play in the future of sustainable construction.

“Modular and offsite manufactured buildings are designed and delivered to a high standard can offer a range of environmental benefits,” Erki Muhu, the Marketing Manager at Timbeco says.

Timbeco Woodhouse is a modern factory based in the Estonian capital. The company specialize in producing tailor-made energy-efficient wood frame elements, elemental houses and modules. Timbeco export 95% of the production to the EU markets.

Timbeco Woodhouse builds high-quality element structures, element houses and modules based on modern fully automatic CNC machines. In other words the quality of these prefab homes is assured. But it is the design that really impresses.

“We have world-class customers and Timbeco is the top-level designer for their service. Unique projects and the international dimension of work provide our designers with great challenges and opportunities for development. The biggest advantage of our design unit is the close cooperation between clients, other subcontractors and the in-house production unit,” Erki Muhu says.

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