The best meeting ever – everytime!


Many startups and professionals has problems with keeping desks and meeting tables tidy with all the technological assistance we use that usually is very helpful in meetings and conferences.

Consider using a decorative miniconnect to keep the clutter at a minimum and hide all the not-so-decorative cable cords lying around. When conducting meetings with clients and possible business partners your number one priority is – besides sales of course – giving a great first impression.

Part of giving a good first impression to new possible clients or business partners is seeming well put together, professional and organized – with the help of a small miniconnect, you can achieve big goals. But this is a balance act in politeness and going for what you want – even for well trained professionals – during difficult meetings with many inputs and participants, where you’ll be needing any aid from tech as Miniconnect by NEETS.

To give a good impression – from the get go
But other types of advice also comes in handy. Business moguls always boast about the importance of the handshake. According to them, the handshake is your first chance to make an impression on the person you’re meeting with and it needs to feel firm and confident – but not to the extent that you seem too pushy or aggressive.

The perfect handshake also depends on your hand. Keep it moisturized, but free of odour or sweat – no one wants to shake a moist hand, or even a dry rough one – and keep it less than 10 seconds long, firm and confident. A weak handshake shows lack of strength and will make the person you’re meeting uncomfortable and maybe even to think that you’re nervous, anxious or weak. And those are not qualities you want to be associated with in business.

A clean and organized desk
It’s also absolutely crucial to keep a tidy and well organized work environment. Many business owners invite their new possible clients and future business partners to their office space or business space, but keep in mind that the visitors will be quick to judge you and your business on the appearance of your space, so keep it clean, tidy and organized, but with a whiff of personality.

As stressed earlier it is also important to keep a tidy and organized desk, where you can conduct your important meetings in efficient manner. When you’re discussing future sales or proposals and need to look and confer with multiple screens, it often happens that the computer cables, i.e. battery chords, phone cords, USB-cables and the likes of it clutter and take up important space.

With a miniconnect device, the clutter problem will be easily solved and you can upkeep efficient and good business meetings – and guaranteed with better results!

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