These are the Apple gadgets available right now

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We all love gadgets, and many of us need them both for work or leisure. And many people like Apple gadgets more than other brands. Here are short details and overview of the latest Apple gadgets.

1. Mac
Apple has recently introduced a number of Mac products including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini and the reports suggest that this year it will introduce new MacBook Pro 1ith 16’ display. The new MacBook Air 13’ comes with a better, refined and improved design. It looks a lot better than the previous MacBook Air. Apple has redesigned the old MacBook Air and gave it a new and exceptionally unique look.

2. iPad
When it comes to iPad, Apple has a number of iPad products. But iPad Pro was the most recent addition in the series. It comes in two variants; 11’ and 12.9’. it features the best specs and has also been redesigned. The thinner bezels, sharp and crispy display as well as new iOS 12 make it a stunning iPad product. Apple’s A12 chip and 12MP camera, Hybrid IR filters, and other features make it worth having.

3. iPhone
Last year, Apple released three versions of new iPhone; iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. They come in different sizes and display and screen. However, they are the best and latest iPhone models that you will get in the market. Thin bezels, small notch, OLED display, Face ID, improved camera, A12 chipset and other specs take the new iPhones to a great height of brilliance and design.

4. Apple Watch
The latest Apple Watch 4 was released last year and it has been a stunning addition to the Apple Watch series. When compared with series 3, it is a lot better product in terms of design, look, specs, and OS. The new Apple Watch 4 is a perfect option for the people who want to get calls, messages, notifications, emails, healthy tracker, GPS tracker and other features on the go or when they don’t want to carry their other devices.

5. Apple TV
Like other products, Apple also releases Apple TV and the latest addition in the series was improved and better Apple TV 4K. This was a huge success for the company. This TV product is amazing as it allows you to enjoy videos, movies, songs as well as allows to rent music and movies from any platform. You can pair it with any of your devices and enjoy the movies.

6. HomePod
Music products with virtual assistants have become common these days. Apple also introduced its HomePod. Now, the latest version is a far better product than the last one. It comes with a beautiful look, small and comfortable size, supports Siri and does a better job. The performance is outstanding with more focus to sound quality and user experience.

7. iPod touch
Apple released the 6th generation iPod Touch in 2015 and after that it has not been updated. The last iPod touch looked like iPhone 6 in design, specs, shape and overall look. It 4-inch retina display and comes in four to five different colors. It seems that Apple will not continue the iPod touch with wider popularity of iPhone and other godets.

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