Tips for e-waste disposal

Get rid of you e-waste.

All electronic wastes, like cell phones, refrigerators, computers, TVs, etc. are collectively known as e-waste. One cannot just throw away these types of waste in the trash. You need to know how to safely dispose of your electronic goods, where your personal data can be stored. Your personal data, like personal photos, password, bank account details, etc., will be ensured by using proper techniques of e-waste disposal.

Every year millions of televisions, along with millions of cell phones, are being thrown away in the trash. It has also been seen that only a low percentage of the electronic waste is recycled or disposed of properly.

A list of how to dispose of e-waste properly is given below.

• Firstly, the condition of your electronic item should be checked by you whether it still works or not. If the product is in working state, you may donate it to institutes like schools where refurbished computers are often used. It can be of special help to donate your printers, computers, etc., if you are running and upgrading an office.

• You can sell your electronic item if you do not want to donate it.

• If you are in doubt whether your item can be sold or not, you may sell it to someone who can sell the electronic item after refurbishing the same.

• If you do not need any electronic item, you can also give it away for free as an alternative option. You can also advertise or sell your items on various online websites.

• If you neither want to donate your item nor want to sell it away, then recycling is the best option for you.

• Always ensure that you remove your SIM card and cancel all the service plans before disposing of your old cell phone.

• If possible, you can refurbish or recycle your cell phone. Recently, the major trend is to recycle cell phones and refurbish mobile devices.

• Make sure to remove all your personal data from tablets, phones, desktops, laptops, netbooks, etc. Take backups of your data on an external hard drive for later use.

• Make sure to clear the history of your internet browser before the disposal of any electronic item.

• Batteries are also considered as e-wastes. These batteries need special disposal as they contain hazardous material. Batteries like car batteries can be safely disposed of by many automotive stores.

Thus, make sure by following the above-mentioned tips that all your e-waste get proper disposal without being thrown away in the trash.

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