Alice Roosevelt releasing new single “Lobster” (VIDEO)


Alice Roosevelt is releasing the first single “Lobster” form their forthcoming album. Having released two EPs (2016 and 2017) and played all the majors swiss music venues (Paléo, Montreux Jazz, Les Docks, Festi’Neuch
…), Alice Roosevelt has now completed its exploratory phase. The band found a sound of its own. Electronic music and rock mixed with harmony; sometimes calm while serene lead voices arise on a minimalist instrumentation, sometimes epic while heavy riffs roar over aerial and electronic foundations.

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“Hammam” portrays the current society and questions the place of the Generation Y in the latter. Between persistent adolescent debauchery, the desire to become parent and a world that slowly burns down, our days are filled with contradictions that can easily drive us crazy. Through nine tracks, the lyrics question these different feelings.

Just like in the first single “Lobster” which criticizes in a roundabout way the sad reality of our current lifestyles essentially made of stress, turning us into mere passengers of our own existence. The album was mostly composed, recorded and mixed at band’s studio in Nyon, Switzerland. Only the drums were recorded at Cadeceus studio, where the album was also mastered. An approach that allowed Alice Roosevelt to develop the nine tracks of “Hammam” with a total freedom.

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