Award winning selfie filmmaker creating historical record of coronavirus survivors

Human beings are forced to reboot many, many times during their lifetime, From new loves to new jobs, from elementary school to high school, from graduation to career, from marriage…

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Photo: Justin Kern

The Shining spinoff Overlook in the works

The iconic horror hotel Overlook, from Stephen King’s novel “The Shining,” will again be the scene of frightening experiences, according to Cinema magazine. This comes right after the movie success…

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tv remote

The cord-cutter’s dilemma

(BPT) – You’ve made the decision to cut the cord. Now, how can you continue to enjoy all your favorite shows in a cost-effective and convenient manner? With multiple ways…

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Celebrating 2017 with kids

Soon 2016 is history and lots of fireworks will light up the sky. Enjoying the New Year when you have children brings a new host of challenges, especially if you’re…

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Great Websites For Games Lovers

Everyone of us has at one time or another played one or several games. Kids love playing games, teenagers and even grown people love playing some kind of games. And…

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atheist movie

Thousands Download Movie Proving God

Within two days of its release, thousands have purchased an early viewing of a one-hour movie that its producers claim destroys atheism with one scientific question. The film, “The Atheist…

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