Award winning selfie filmmaker creating historical record of coronavirus survivors

Human beings are forced to reboot many, many times during their lifetime, From new loves to new jobs, from elementary school to high school, from graduation to career, from marriage to divorce – even from the old set of teeth to that new set of teeth that came in when we were children. Never has the human race been required to reboot on a global scale until the Covid-19 pandemic, however.

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein intends to create an historical record of selfie films from pandemic survivors and is now actively seeking selfie videos for the collection. Those who wish to submit their own selfie films can do so at

“I really want you to start to do those selfie videos about yourself, your family, your kids, your grandkids, Dr. Holstein stated. “Interview your grandkids, ask them how they’re liking or not liking being homeschooled by their moms and dads or their older brother and sister.

“Ask them what they think the future will be like. Ask your own kids what’s been hard, what’s been easy. Talk about yourself, what you’re doing, what you’re not doing what you miss most, what you hope the future will be like.

“Upload your selfie films then to, where I am beginning to build a historical log of how people are reacting, what they’re saying and what their kids are saying. Make a video with your cell phone, at most two minutes and upload it to Selfie Filmmakers or put it on YouTube and send us the link.

“Rebooting and seeing how we can make the new normal as great as possible is not only important for mental health, but it’s important for the historical story of ourselves as human beings.”

Dr. Holstein’s talk about Rebooting During The Pandemic can be found on both Vimeo and on the Roku channel, titled as ‘The Enchanted Self Presents’.

Dr. Holstein recently created The Selfie Showcase, a new project emerging from The Selfie Project, that allows young people to voice their opinions on subjects that matter to young people. She is now accepting submissions from the public for the “Selfie Showcase” and is actively seeking change-makers and mental health professionals to appear on her monthly video podcasts.

The Selfie Showcase allows kids, teens, and young adults ages 13 to 18 to candidly express their concerns, worries, observations and possible solutions by creating selfies or selfie films around important subjects, using a smartphone. Dr. Holstein’s mission is to help rectify, in a number of ways, some of the issues young people face by giving them a chance to engage with others in meaningful ways about the anxiety and stress they must grapple with constantly.

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