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The Internet has lots of information, resources and services like email, video, music, the web and social networks to name just a few. And it is really great surfing the web and finding links to cool websites. But there are billions of sites and who has the time to look at all the websites that is no good. Web directories has solved that problem by collecting and categorizing all the really good sites.

Two popular types of niche directories is business directories and shopping directories. Business directories lists business websites and shopping directories specialize in listing shopping sites.

But there are several great website directories that has collected and sorted tens of thousands of good sites in all subjects and categories, one of them is Three Link Directory.

This directory is human edited by an experienced team of editors that manually checks, sort and approves quality websites. This means you don’t have to spend hours of searching for great sites.

It is easy browsing the categories to find your favorite type of website. The main categories in the directory are arts, business, computers and web, games, health, home, kids and teens, news, real estate, recreation, reference, regional, science, shopping, society, sports, travel and world.

But these are just the main categories in the directory, there are several thousands of subcategories in this website directory. This means you can find just about any art related site no matter what kind of art genre you are looking for.

Here is just a sample of some of the art subcategories: animation, architecture, art history, awards, bodyart, book shopping, chats and forums, classical studies, comics, costumes, crafts and so on. And you can obviously search the directory for any keywords you like for easy navigation.

But the best part is that all the link listings in the directory are handpicked, quality websites.

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