AVA using AI to improve public safety

ava ai
ava ai
AVA revolutionizes personal and public safety using AI.

Wow, this is really exciting. Today, and after more than two years of highly secretive development, Berlin-based start-up AVA opens to the public, announcing its artificial intelligence capable of calculating the statistical, current, and predictive safety and risk for any given location in real-time.

Monitoring mass volumes of data from multiple sources, AVA detects incident categories such as crime, terrorism, fire, natural forces, industrial disasters, or health-related risk.

“AVA is like meteorology for safety, laying the ground for new and world-changing solutions, unimaginable before. We deliver actionable information to monitor, manage, and improve the physical safety of individuals, things, buildings, organizations, locations, communities, and cities,” notes Sascha Knopp (40), CEO and Co-Founder of AVA, describing the patent-pending innovation.

AVA detects relevant events and incidents with unprecedented speed and accuracy, thanks to its deep learning algorithms. Partners and customers access the safety and risk scores using cloud-based operation center interfaces, dedicated mobile applications or the universal data API.

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