Celso releasing new single Bruise Leerics (Grave Of Death) feat. DJ Jaffa & Mydus (VIDEO)


After releasing his standout single “Someday”, Celso makes an explosive return with “Bruise Leerics (Grave Of Death)” featuring DJ Jaffa and produced by Mydus.

Speaking on the release Celso reveals that:

“Bruise Leerics was honestly created so the listeners could just have a little fun with the track, and frankly it’s so much about Bruce Lee at all. Of course part of inspiration comes from what a legend Bruce Lee was and how myself, like many artists, would like to dominate the lyrical game much like Bruce Lee dominated martial arts. However, my goal with the freestyle was really just to throw in as a bunch of relatable references together to keep listeners both engaged and entertained.”

“Most of what I mention is very personal to my own interests or to those people I’m close to and I hope that at least of couple of them hit for the audience as well. Not to mention, working with DJ Jaffa was a whole different realm for me and it was really nice to introduce some contrast into my music. Hope y’all enjoy the song!”

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