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These days there is an app for just about anything and each one is expertly designed to deliver an array of services to you, including entertainment. When it comes to running these apps, majority of us couldn’t care less for how it’s developed and all the effort it took developers to create, we’re simply interested in the end product. When it comes to entertainment apps, there are a few that really stand out from the rest. With that said, here are the best entertainment apps to date, the ones that got our attention and our appreciation.


There are hundreds of games being released in 2019 and the best part is that mobile users can download these games for free. Sure, there are some that come with in-app purchases, but you wouldn’t need to spend money should you wish to simply access the free version. Choose from a long list of strategy games, racing games and first player games, all accessible through your mobile device and via Google Play and Apple iStore.


There are a great number of live streaming and music apps to choose from you to listen to music all day long. Stay up to date with the latest chart hits and learn the lyrics of your favourite pop stars with the latest music apps such as YouTube. Music applications are readily available from your mobile app store and listening to music is amazingly therapeutic.


Netflix is a streaming service that allows you to access a wide range of movies and series through the internet. The service is shockingly cheap and it has the internet abuzz with the successful turnaround of the service.


Take your favourite authors with you, read the latest releases before they hit your local bookstore and kill time by downloading great books online. Readily available to your phone, readers have access to millions of books all from the internet.


Don’t know the words to your favourite song? Shazam it! The mobile app has been designed to take small recordings and identify the name of the song and it has a streaming service as well as related tracks with video clips. Listeners can also karaoke on the YouTube app if that’s your cup of tea. Additionally, you can also go offline and still access a number of these services.

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