Free 1s Mind new single “Terrakotta” out now (VIDEO)


Free 1s Mind is a 30 year old MC From Cambridgeshire in the UK, Coming from the illegal rave culture as a DJ and rig owner,  later developing into spitting and writing over Hip Hop and Drum And Bass.

He started releasing msic around 2018 with Inos under the label “Piff Entertainment”, releasing a few singles here and there aswell as performing in Amsterdam twice at their prestigious “Ill Street Blues” events.

Influences come from his family at a young age including his cousin Werdz and listening to a lot of Taskforce and Delegates Of Culture.

Free 1s Mind brings a hard and fast lyrical style with as you can imagine a bit of a DnB influence when it comes to his rhythm structure alongside his somewhat distinguishable voice. 

“Terrakotta” is his debut music video for “4 The Culture Records” and it proves to be a banger.

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