Frisco Boogie new single “100” out now

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Frisco is dropping the next single ‘100’ from the anticipated album C.I.R.C.U.S. It’s a return to his boombap roots with simple production that allows you to take in everything he has to say while keeping your neck snapping like you are standing in a hip hop club in 93’.

It seems like Frisco has a lot to say as he alludes too with the opening line; “My minds exploding with these words I can’t write fast enough” There’s plenty of quotables here as you would expect from the veteran MC.

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“I’m on my knees 2x2x3’s the fear. False events appearing real as if they here, self-isolation got me captive like I’m serving years, but I see elation in myself like internal cheers. Where everybody knows my name, but I don’t sip those beers” It’s all about the bars on this one.

Another great example of why we are looking forward to the new album; C.I.R.C.U.S (Conditions In Reality Causing Us Stress) out this year!

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