IMT Launches BMO App For Board Meetings

board meeting
board meeting
BMO App For Board Meetings.

BMO or Business Meeting Organizer is an app that takes away the ‘pain’ of organizing and planning important business meetings such as Board Meetings, Top Management Meetings, Departmental Meetings or any such meetings that are held periodically.

Board meetings are no ordinary meetings, especially since they are mandated legally as per the Companies Act. They are high-powered meetings also because the bigwigs of industry sit on them, to discuss and chart the course of the company. A meeting is a meeting, so why Board Meetings should be singled out for special attention and handling?

Planning, organizing and conducting a Board meeting can take a heavy toll on those responsible for it – the Company Secretary and team or the Secretariat as it is often referred to. After many, many man-hours and sleepless nights, this department can rest easy only after the meeting is convened and over.

Traditional Board meetings devour a lot of paper. From Notices & Agendas, to Minutes of previous meetings, documents and proposals, etc – copies of all these must be made and circulated to each member of the Board, much in advance. Keeping track and ensuring that everyone gets everything necessary, can really weigh anyone down.

Enter BMO
BMO or Board/Business Meeting Organizer is an Application, designed, developed and owned by IMT (Interactive Max Tech), Mumbai.

IMT is a software solutions and app Development Company, with expertise built over 16 years. Spearheaded by Hetin Sakhuja (MD), a technology buff at heart, with a strong acumen for business and Mehul Bavishi (CEO), a dyed in the wool software expert, IMT prides itself on having created a host of apps.

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