JPDL and Yogi Beats new single “Madness” out now (VIDEO)


Off the back of their critically acclaimed self titled 2019 debut album release, UK duo JPDL (rapper) and Yogi Beats (producer) have returned with a project in the form of new single “Madness”.

The story of the track covers an underlying theme of mental health issues, and the possible fall into insanity whilst trying to step up and overcome it.

The production is deeply rooted and innovative, whilst at times intense it sits on the backdrop of a driving boom bap vibe and jazzy hook.

UK emcee Rider Shafique features on the track as the voice in JPDL’s head, revealing to him how much music can be healing, and a remedy for his inner “Madness”.

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The video was shot by longtime collaborators Madbhudda, and is an extended visual piece exploring the dark depths of the mind through distorted imagery, creating something which is both stirring and meaningful.

Having kicked off with this single, an exciting year is ahead for the duo!

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