L’Atelier du Meuble champagne sofa table creating a buzz


Lili, a French interior designer, crafted the first table in 2010 for her own decor. Following requests from designers, Lili authorized L’Atelier du Meuble to offer this collection.

L’Atelier du Meuble www.LATDM.com was formed out of a passion for wine and the wine making process. Each pupitre comes from a vineyard in Champagne, France. “We hand select each piece and consider the entire process to be a work of art.”

Each table is a unique one-of-a-kind piece of Champagne history, handcrafted by skilled artisans, it’s truly a reclaimed masterpiece.

Pupitre is the French name for the hinged, wooden “A-Frame” rack used for hand-riddling Champagne bottles prior to disgorging. (Riddling settles the yeast sediment into the neck so that it can be easily removed by the disgorging step.) This artifact is reclaimed from France and acts as the base of the table.

It was 1818 before the story of riddling really started. Legend has it that Madame Clicquot, prompted by an employee called Antoine Muller, took a kitchen table and had “holes drilled in it at an angle, so that the bottles might be set at different angles and be turned while remaining in their places.” It was a worker with the House of Morzet called Thomassin who then put the idea into practice. The riddling table, forerunner of the pupitre, was born!

There is truly no other piece like this on the market today and especially one that has sourced such unique and historical pieces. Whether we define them as art pieces or furniture design, they are masterpieces in their own rite.

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